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Lex Hives (Reissue) Album + T-Shirt

Lex Hives (Reissue) Album + T-Shirt

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This bundle includes:

  • Lex Hives Reissue Download
  • Lex Hives Black T-Shirt


1. Come On
2. Go Right Ahead
3. 1000 Answers
4. I Want More
5. Wait A Minute
6. Patrolling Days
7. Take Back The Toys
8. Without The Money
9. These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgics
10. My Time Is Coming
11. If I Had A Cent
12. Midnight Shifter


1. Come On! (Live in NY)
2. Take Back The Toys (Live in NY)
3. 1000 Answers (Live in NY)
4. Wait A Minute (Live in NY)
5. Go Right Ahead (Live in NY)
6. Patrolling Days (Live in NY)


High School Shuffle (Bonus Track)
Insane (Bonus Track)
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